Aftercare is such an important part of having a tattoo. It is required as a bye law that every tattooist should give a client some aftercare treatment advice.

You can download a copy of my ten point plan to be used even if your tattoo was done elsewhere. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD AN AFTERCARE PLAN

Creams are used in the main to take care of the tattoo after it has been done. However for me, the two main creams mentioned and used are E45 and Bepanthen. This is my advice where both of these are concerned.

E45 should be used as the main cream, probably applied 2 to 3 times a day. E45 is an easy cream to apply and does not disturb the surface scabbing if rubbed gently over the fresh tattoo.

Bepanthen is also a good cream. However, Bepanthen is a richer, thicker cream and is more likely to disturb the early scabbing if rubbed in too vigorously, SO BE CAREFUL WITH BEPANTHEN.

Bepanthen on the other hand is ideal for a tattoo after the scab has been and gone, it also works well as a colour en-richer for those nights out when you want to show off your tattoos