Shade Work

This is not the only way to do this. However, because of time constraints and money constraints my client was limited to two hours per session. But the Shade has started and the client has now got all of those fine faint lines slowly disappearing into the tattoo…like I say this is not the only way that can be done but it is a way

(Monday 13th Jan, 2014 (Session Start) The start of a new religious themed sleeve. Grey lined. It's a technique used by tattooists as it allows for the template of the design to go down so it can be returned to at a later date for shade or colour. It’s fairly quick this took about two hours some tattooists may do it quicker some slower. You can't see from this photo but the design actually goes all the way around the arm.

I spent a lot of time with the client before any tattooing had begun. Placement was everything because we are going to add to this tattoo to cover up the shark and gold fish you can just make them out top right of the picture and the yellow fish (a tattooing mistake, we have all done it) Three flowers were agreed to cover the shark and the introduction to colour into a mainly grey shaded tattoo, a decision was made to introduce colour: colour i would describe as colours that are just off the black scale, for example, purples and deep reds.

More photos and updates to follow...

Thursday 30th 2014, a quick hour on the cover up section of this sleeve. You can see the horrible shark and goldfish at the top of the cherubs. Flowers are a great device for covering up other tattoos, you have options to choose flowers that cover large and small areas, and the foliage will act as a blanket covering anything old. As I mentioned earlier, if the tattoo that is in need of covering is faint in colour then the cover is easier, with this on I am expecting over 90% coverage with the use of shade and white on the edges.

Cover Choices We chose two flowers, the main one was a carnation, because of its dense foliage, the other was a rose because its coverage is less dense, what I didn’t want is two very dark looking flowers as that would create a focal pint that I didn’t want. Both flowers have religious significance so therefore will fit the overall theme of the tattoo. Notice that the carnation has an edge to it so if I do go dark on this the edge should give me some definition. This was just a quick session one hour in total two grey lined flowers to complete the basis of the Shark and Goldfish cover up the only section that has needed to to be covered.

(Monday 3rd, February 2014) Fillers: After all the main components were in place there was space around those main components that we decided to fill the client like the cherubs in the first design and wanted to incorporate a cross into his tattoo, I drew a cross up; a plain cross, the sort that would be worn by a nun or priest, nothing that would be too ornate, and another couple of cherubs, we would freehand the beads to the cross but first the cherubs were drawn up and put in place, again this was a quick hour session….After the cherubs the cross and the beads were hand drawn in to give the impression that the cherubs were lifting the cross up to the main face of the Madonna.

THE COVER UP  (Wednesday 29th Jan, 2014) Not all cover ups are easy to do: some are never going to be fully covered, some will be so faded that a cover is easy and there are some that just require you to think about how you can go about it in such a way that the cover up is possible...This is what I was presented with the other day.

This image below is what the customer wanted to start the cover process...

After doing a fairly detailed drawing the eventual layout was lined to look like this.... We're going to look at clouds and maybe something for the back of the cover up that will be the clever bit hopefully where placement is everything to rid the forearm of the jigsaw pieces, clouds are a good cover object to include if the tattoo has a requirement for it...more to follow,

(Wednesday 12th Jan, 2014) As you can see from the picture above the jigsaw pieces still remain and they are still fairly prominent, the pagoda was line with a 3rl the bottom was lined in a light grey ink because the clouds will obscure the base of the pagoda with a view that the pagoda is coming out of the clouds.

The client wants just clouds, but how the clouds are done is the clever bit that should cover and obscure over 90 per cent of the jigsaw pieces. This means no stencil as that would be near on impossible, the only way to do it is to get the Sharpie pens out and start the long process of drawing on the client.

You can see from the pictures blow that I used the yellow and the green – the yellow I use as the rough sketch followed by the green as the actual line to be lined; both colours are fairly light so that when it comes to lining the clouds I can see the line-work that’s why I don’t use black Sharpies. If I decided to do a third pass to get the image absolute then I would use a red in conjunction with the yellow and the green but definitely not black.


Hopefully this last picture shows some integration of an new tattoo into an old one