I’ve always enjoyed art as a child and continued to enjoy it as an adult. When I wasn’t throwing a rugby ball around I was usually doodling on paper, drawing or painting. I’ve studied Art History with the Open University as well as English Literature to degree level and enjoyed every minute of it, even though it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life

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I took up tattooing quite a number of years ago and have enjoyed the transition that tattooing has gone through. Like most art forms its progressive, it has moved on and it will continue to as time goes on, as the equipment and inks become even better than they are now. Beau Jacks uses the latest Cheyenne Technology machines and their associated Cartridge technology for safe clean tattooing.

My studio is one of many regulated home studios that are now popping up in the counties, with Beau Jacks as the first in the Tamworth area. What’s different about it? It’s practically open 24/7, the time you get here is very personal. The tea flows. But the main thing is you get time. You will never be rushed in and out. You’ll get your allocated tattoo time and some, if there is the capacity to do so and hopefully this will mean you will get chance to relax and get to know me as ‘your tattooist’ - Beau

Any questions email me directly at beau@beaujacks.co.uk or use the contact me to allow me to answer any questions you may have.

Debit and Credit cards accepted (all card payments are subjected to a 3% surcharge)

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